Caribbean Corkscrew at Adventure Island Tampa Bay. Caribbean Corkscrew at Adventure Island Tampa Bay.
Caribbean Corkscrew

Race a Friend Down These Twisting Slides

Twist and turn down this high-speed slide that will have your hair standing on end.

Grab your partner-in-crime for this daring twist on a corkscrew. These two water slides will take you down a fast and twisted ride - completely in the dark! For a thrill-seeking duo, this slide is the ultimate challenge featuring endless spirals.
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Ride Requirements

Age/Height Restrictions: You must be 48 inches tall to ride Caribbean Corkscrew.

Weight Restrictions: 300 lbs

Clothing Restrictions: Swim attire with buckles, rivets and any sharp objects are not permitted. No footwear of any kind. No life vests. Loose articles such as necklaces, watches and other jewelry are not permitted. No sport shorts, cotton clothing, life vests, loose fitting clothing, cover ups or similar permitted. No cameras, phones or hands-free devices of any kind allowed on this attraction.

Rider Position/Accessibility: Accessed by way of tall platform towers. You must be able to climb steps in order to ascend to the top of these towers. Riders must have the ability to control body position. Children who can be assisted by adult companions may access these slides.

Please review all posted rules at this ride.

Adventure Island Accessibility Guide

Guests using manual & electrical wheelchairs who would like to ride should see the Park Ambassador at the attraction entrance. For more information on ride restrictions, service animal access or physical requirements, view our Accessibility Guide.

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