Calypso Coaster

This open flume ride is full of twists and turns that leave you soaked by the time your reach the bottom.

Go solo or pair up with a daring friend -- however you choose to go head to head with the Calypso Coaster™, one thing's for sure there's a good soaking in your future.

Ride Requirements

Age/Height Restrictions: Riders under 42 inches tall must wear a life vest, and be able to maintain proper riding position unassisted.

Weight Restrictions: 300 lbs for single tube and 600 lbs for double tube

Rider Position/Accessibility: Accessed by way of tall platform towers. You must be able to climb steps in order to ascend to the top of these towers. Riders must have the ability to control body position. Children who can be assisted by adult companions may access these slides.

Please review all posted rules at this ride.