Paradise Lagoon

Jump off a cliff (a 20-foot platform) or navigate your way through this 9,000-square-foot slice of heaven.

A cool pool, slides, waterfalls, and more create the fun at Paradise Lagoon™. The scene is so tropical, you may find yourself happily lost in every moment of action-packed adventure. 

Ride Requirements 

Rider Position/Accessibility: This pool is accessible for those with disabilities. Please check with the lifeguard at this location for assistance.

Age/Height Restrictions: We strongly suggest that all weak or non-swimmers wear a life vest. Guests must be at least 42 inches tall to experience the hydro tubes and cliff jumps.

Life vests are not permitted on cliff jumps or hydro tube rides.

Note: All restrooms at Adventure Island have a fully accessible baby changing station. Children who normally wear a diaper are required to wear a swim diaper while in the park. Swim diapers are available at the Island Surf Shop at the main entrance of the park.